Girl Power: Mary and Trish #GearUpwithAkma

As #GearUpwithAkma comes to an end, we wanted to share with you stories from our weekend 4 coaches–Mary Avila and Trish Buhat. Read on to learn more about these two strong women!


Mary is wearing the Koko Tank Top in Ash Gray and Nani Shorts in black. 

As a Track and Field athlete, Mary Avila is no stranger to the podium. Among her many achievements are Most Outstanding Athlete at the 2013 Milo Little Olympics, and gold medals from her days competing in Palarong Pambansa in high school. She was even awarded the “Fall and Rise Athlete” in her final year at Palarong Pambansa. 

Palarong Pambansa is one of the most prestigious sport events in the country for elementary and secondary level athletes. During the tournament, the best of the best from each region in the Philippines battle it out in different sports. In 2013, it was Mary’s last year in Palaro as she was in her final year of high school. It was her 4th year competing in Palaro, and she had yet to win any medals.

Being a veteran player, she was favored to win in the 100 meter hurdles. Unfortunately, she stumbled and fell–rolling over to a competitor’s lane. Although she was able to pick herself up and cross the finish line first, her fall resulted in her disqualification. She was able to redeem this disappointing turn of events when she won the gold in the 400 meter hurdles.  

After proving her resilient attitude, she was recruited by one of the strongest Track and Field teams in the UAAP, the Far Easter University. She represented FEU as a track and field athlete in the UAAP from 2013-2018 winning medals in every season she competed in. 

Mary was also a member of the Philippine National Team where she won medals in various international competitions for her excellence at the 400 meter hurdle event. She is currently one of the coaches for the Ateneo Track and Field Varsity team and a strength and conditioning coach under Gold’s gym.

If you enjoyed her session and are interested in booking a session with her, you may reach her through her Facebook profile.

FB: Mary Avila (


Trish is wearing the Riri Crop Top in Moss Rose and Gigi Leggings in Dusty Lavender.

Trish Buhat is a certified Animal Flow and Pilates coach. She got into Animal Flow back in 2016 and was certified in 2019. 

Trish describes Animal Flow as “an innovative bodyweight movement practice that combines ground-based movements with elements of various bodyweight training disciplines to create a fun, challenging workout that emphasizes multi-planar, fluid movement”. She initially loved how it complimented a lot of other movement practices.

Animal Flow also gave her the opportunity to train all of the different abilities. The various movements are able to target different parts of the body and work different skills like strength, endurance, power and flexibility. 


  1. Focus on the foundation: I know it’s very tempting and exciting to get into the cool stuff right away, but be patient cause foundations are really worth it.
  2. Quality over quantity: Always go for quality over quantity of your movements. It’s very important cause it will keep you safe and it’s really the only way to progress and get you real results.
  3. Mindful movement: Be more aware of the movements you do. Exercise is not just for the body, but also for the mind. Being more mindful can help you move smarter.

If you want to learn more about Animal Flow, you can follow Trish on IG @ishbutterfly.


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