5 Workout Videos for 5 Different Workout Moods

With our favorite gyms and workout studios having to close down during the pandemic, it has been hard for us to keep a consistent workout schedule. Finding the right workouts we could do while being stuck at home is hard but remaining active is so much more important now that we spend most of our time sitting down. Here are a few (tried and tested!) workout videos you can do for whatever mood you’re in during this quarantine!

1.) For extra busy days

10 MIN HOME HIIT WORKOUT // No equipment, no noise, no impact
Duration: 20 minutes

Natacha Oceane is a well known fitness influencer. Her workouts are backed up by science, and they’re never your basic planks or sit-ups.  

This workout gets you sweaty and sore in just 20 minutes.  It’s perfect for girls on the go who don’t have a lot of time to get a workout in. This workout features a lot of different movements that target different areas of the body, without needing any equipment!

2.) For when you miss the gym

The Ultimate Dumbbell Only Full Body Workout!

Duration: 1 hour

Another Natacha Oceane favorite is this dumbbell workout. This is best for girls missing the gym. All you’ll need is a pair of light-medium dumbbells; you can adjust to whatever feels comfortable for you! This workout is sure to leave you sore the next day and keep your muscles toned during quarantine.

3.) For slow, low-impact burners

45-Minute No Equipment Barre Workout That Fuses Cardio + Toning
Duration: 45 minutes

For the days you want a burn without bringing your heart rate up too much, this barre workout is what you’re looking for. It combines some ballet and barre movements for the ultimate bodyweight burn. Marnie Alton is a trainer and dancer, and in this workout she’ll give you that lower body toning without the heavy impact. 

4.) For stress relief

Duration: 30 minutes

This kickboxing inspired full body knockout is the ultimate workout for some stress relief. You can start the day with this workout, or do it after a long stressful day to release some frustration. Christa Dipaolo mixes kickboxing combinations with various conditioning movements that are sure to target every part of the body.  

It may take some time to familiarize yourself with the different kickboxing combinations, but once you have it all locked down, you’ll feel like the ultimate ninja badass! Again, this workout doesn’t require any equipment, but you can turn up the intensity by adding some weighted gloves or light hand weights.   

5.) For long sweat sessions

Burn 600 Calories in at 60-Minute Workout with Jeanette Jenkins
Duration: 60 minutes

This 60 minute video is complete with a warm up, workout and cool down.  If you’re looking for a longer workout, this video claims that you can burn 600 calories in 60 minutes. If you’re just getting into working out, this video is also perfect for you because of all the modifications for different levels of fitness.  

Jeanette Jenkins is a certified trainer and health coach; in this video she combines different movements that’ll bring your heart rate up and keep you sweating during and even after the workout. 


We know how difficult it has been to get up and workout, so we hope that this list can help motivate you to move and sweat today. Let us know if you tried any of these videos, and share with us your workout videos and photos in your Akma activewear! 

Written by: Marga Delos Reyes