5 Ways You Can Go ‘Back To Basics’: A Complete Look Into Our Newest Line

We are always striving to improve our activewear. With every collection, we want to make sure you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle. Our newest line filled with versatile and classic black and white pieces is finally here! The Back to Basics line puts a prime on minimalistic and simple black and white hues (and some pops of color because we just couldn’t help it), while still providing the form and function you love. This line features four new styles and a spin on one of our classic garments. Here are the 5 ways you can go ‘Back to Basics:’

1. A Flowy Tank Top: Koko

While many workout tops pride themselves in being form-fitting and snug, the Koko introduces a more loose approach to structure. This soft, breathable, and quick-dry tank with its clean and minimalistic style has just enough flow for mobility. The stretchable back makes it easier to put on and take off after workouts but don’t fret because it has a built-in padded sports bra that gives you full support. This basic piece is a style statement that you can take with you to the gym or just the local grocery.

The Koko comes in Ash Gray, Cloud Gray, White, and Punch Pink
Priced at: Php 1,250.00 | Shop HERE.

2. A Comfy, High-Waisted Pair of Pocketed Leggings: Gigi

Akma go-getters are no strangers to our comfy and functional leggings. This time around, we’re introducing the Gigi, our new compression leggings that are super high-waisted! With the Gigi, we made sure to include the material and the function (more pockets!) you loved from our previous collection. Its soft and stretchable fabric feels like your second skin so you’re sure to experience maximum comfort while working out, going about your day-to-day activities or even just lounging. These leggings have the side pockets that you loved in our Taylor and Miley, but why settle for just two when we can make room for more? The deeper side pockets and waistband pockets are there to help you keep your keys and cards snug while you’re on the go. The Gigi’s style and function make it the perfect basic piece for workouts and more.

The Gigi comes in Black and Dusty Lavender
Priced at: Php 1,350.00 | Shop HERE.

3. A Form-flattering Pair of Compression Shorts: Nani

The Nani is a pair of compression shorts that- just like the Gigi- is also high-waisted! These shorts are made with our signature soft, breathable and quick-dry material  that perfectly hugs your curves. These multi-pocketed shorts with double side pockets and back pocket are sure to keep your smaller valuables secure, whether you’re going for a run or simply running errands.

The Nani comes in Black, Navy Blue, and Olive Green
Priced at: Php 1,200.00 | Shop HERE.

4. A Long-Sleeved Cropped Top: Bianka

This cropped top features form-fitting long sleeves with built-in fingerless mesh gloves for that extra grip. But don’t let those long sleeves intimidate you because the Bianka is made with soft and breathable anti-UV fabric that is sure to protect you from harmful rays while still giving you the comfort and range needed for maximum mobility. The full-frontal zipper not only makes the Bianka easier to put on and take off after a workout, but it also gives you the freedom to style this closet basic piece. Go-getters can wear this throughout their day and head straight to the gym .The Bianka is the perfect basic piece for hassle-free busy days!

The Bianca comes in Black and White
Priced at: Php 1,250.00 | Shop HERE.

5. A Timeless Sports Bra: Yonce

One of our classic  pieces now comes in black and white (just as you guys have highly requested 😉 )! The Yonce sports bra features the same soft, breathable, and quick-dry material from our first collection. Its well-loved scoop neck and adjustable triple-hooked racer design provides full support with style!

The Yonce now comes in Kale Green, Gala Pink, Black & White
Priced at: Php 950.00 | Shop HERE.


Written by Dominique Espiritu