18 Pounds in 88 Days: Rhema's Quarantine Fitness Journey

We know how hard it is to get started on your fitness journey.  Finding the right workout that doesn’t only fit your lifestyle, but that you also enjoy doing is not easy! For some, it’s starting out that’s the problem so today, we’re sharing with you an inspiring story that might help you get started!

After a long work day, we had the chance to sit down and talk about Rhema Que’s amazing transformation. Rhema is a marketing professional and a loyal Akma go-getter. Recently, she lost 18 pounds in just 88 days! Talk about quarantine glow up!

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Rhema’s relationship with exercise started in grade school. She used to play tennis, but decided to give it up in high school. She shared with us how she didn’t really stick to any strict diet or exercise routine after quitting tennis. Like most young girls blessed with a fast metabolism, this didn’t really affect her until later on when she started working.

The 9-5 lifestyle isn’t the healthiest. Coupled with her habit of eating whatever she wanted and having almost no energy to workout after braving Manila traffic, Rhema noticed that her clothes started getting tighter. At first, she attributed it to buying the wrong size.  But as she realized that she was gaining weight and getting tired often, she made the decision to start eating healthier.

It’s common knowledge that losing weight is a combination of healthy eating and consistent workouts. That was a struggle that Rhema had to face as gyms and all the fitness places closed due to the pandemic. The shortage in variety of workouts was a hurdle at first, but luckily her boyfriend introduced her to a workout program called Insanity by Shaun T.

Rhema's boyfriend lost 50 pounds in just a few months and served as one of her main motivations to get started. Working out with her boyfriend during the quarantine really helped keep her accountable. Because she had a workout buddy, she was able to stick to the routine.

She started doing the 30 minutes to 1 hour long Insanity workout videos, and is now on her third program. Insanity is one of the many programs released by the trainer, Shaun T. Programs by Shaun T are usually a combination of interval training and total body conditioning. According to Rhema, his programs are easy to stick to given that they’re videos you follow and programs are set for a certain amount of days. With Insanity, Rhema went from dreading workouts, to now looking forward to her daily sweat sessions.  

Aside from Insanity, she also started calorie counting. Calorie counting is the best way to make sure that you’re eating at a caloric deficit, which is ultimately what helps shed the weight. She also made little lifestyle improvements like drinking more water, loading up on vitamins, and getting more sleep.

We asked Rhema what advice she could give to those starting out in their fitness journey, and this is what she shared with us:

  1. Experimenting with different exercises: Don’t be afraid to try all kinds of workouts.  Even if you think you’ve found the workout for you, branch out and learn new skills! 
  2. Setting fitness goals: This helps with benchmarking milestones to celebrate.  
  3. Getting cute activewear: Rhema’s personal favorites are the Gigi, Riri and the Miley from Akma. Cute activewear can help motivate you to get a workout in and look good while doing it.  It can also be a reward for when you reach your fitness goals!

We hope that this installment of #WomenWednesday helps motivate you to get started on your fitness journey and break the limitations you have set for yourself! 


Written by: Marga Delos Reyes